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Meet Belly Blissful Founder Cori

My personal journey started as a teen with digestive health issues and continues as I work to find a healthy balance in this stressful and chaotic (but undeniably beautiful) world.

My passion for nourishing the body, mind, and soul through healthier food choices and lifestyle practices is one that I want to share and spread with as many people as I am blessed to reach.


At BellyBlissful we believe in optimal health and well-being. We provide custom nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions that fit your unique needs so that you can feel your best!



Adapting a healthier more balanced lifestyle is not a quick fix or a one size fits all. It takes time and ongoing support to create sustainable strategies for optimal health and well-being.



The BellyBlissful approach is based on getting to know you through an in-depth assessment process, creating plans that meet your unique needs, and providing support to help you achieve your specific goals.



Initial Assessment & Consultation

This is where your journey with Belly Blissful begins! By the end of this initial session you’ll have clear-cut strategies which include food recommendations, action plans for habit change, and other tools to start moving toward achieving your goals.

Check-Ins (Virtual & In Person)

These follow-up appointments are designed to monitor your progress, answer your questions, adjust your plan as necessary, and keep you on the right track toward achieving your unique goals!

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Are you ready for a fresh, healthy start but feel bogged down by all of the food clutter in your pantries and refrigerator? The Healthy Kitchen Makeover is a great way to start your journey toward healthier eating habits!

Healthy Grocery Shopping Trips

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the options at your grocery store? Do you want to know if you’re buying the healthiest options for you and your family? If you answered yes, sign up for a healthy grocery trip! These trips are designed to provide you with the right strategies and crucial knowledge to food shop in a brand new healthier way!

Customized Healthy Dining Lists

Do you find it challenging to make the right decisions when you go out to eat or order lunch at the office? If you answered ‘yes’ all you have to do is provide a zip code or address and Belly Blissful will take care of the rest!

Balanced Programs

You know yourself best! If you’re most successful when you have structure plus the support and accountability of frequent check-ins, one of Belly Blissful’s balanced programs will be a great fit and offer you the most value for your investment. Remember, at the end of the day you’re investing in your own health and well-being.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The title “Nutritionist” is not legally regulated and can mean different things in different states. Many states do not require Nutritionists to have any type of formal training or work experience. In comparison, the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential is regulated and protected by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR.) An RDN must hold a bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited College or University, complete a comprehensive dietetic internship that includes hands-on clinical and community experience, and pass a national board exam. RDNs must also earn continuing education credits throughout their career in order to keep their credential.


  • BellyBlissful does not currently accept health insurance. However, you can inquire about out of network benefits with your provider. If you are entitled to out of network benefits for medical nutrition therapy we will gladly provide you with a super bill for reimbursement purposes.

See Additional FAQ’s here.

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