What is Belly Blissful All About?

Belly Blissful provides nutrition and lifestyle solutions that are customized, convenient, and sustainable to help individuals achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle that they can fully enjoy.

BellyBlissful specializes in digestive health, weight loss, disease prevention and optimal wellness. Hippocrates was a smart doc and he said it “All disease begins in the gut.” Gastrointestinal health is at the hub of overall wellness. Healing and restoring optimal gut health strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels, assists in hormone balance, and can improve mood, memory, and overall mental health.

By offering nutrition and healthy lifestyle consulting services on your schedule and at your convenience BellyBlissful can take away some of the stress and difficulty that comes with finding the healthy balance in your life.

BellyBlissful wants to change common unfavorable perceptions associated with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Registered Dietitian and founder Cori Cohen is passionate about showing others that eating well and living a healthy lifestyle can be fulfilling and tasty!!