My Favorites List will continually evolve and grow as I discover new food items, restaurants, books, natural beauty care, and other things that I enjoy and am pleased to share!


I have long been a fan of Van’s gluten free waffles. Not only are they crispy and delicious but you can also feel good about the simple list of ingredients. I enjoy my waffles toasted and spread with organic virgin coconut oil for a quick breakfast or drizzled with organic maple syrup and topped with a scoop of almond milk ice cream for a sweet treat.


I will admit that I have sat with a tub of this stuff on my lap while watching TV more than a few times and wondered “where did it all go!?” While I have left that habit behind for more mindful eating practices I still enjoy a cold scoop of this dairy-free frozen dessert over toasted waffles, on blueberry pancakes, or in a bowl with a spoonful of organic crunchy peanut butter.

*Be weary of binge behaviors with sweet treats like this. Although So Delicious brand is dairy free and lower in sugar than some other frozen desserts it can still add up if you don’t control portion size. Be honest with yourself. For example, I know that if I buy the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor it triggers overeating so I stick with the vanilla!

I love to combine a few drops of this organic Jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba) with lavender essential oil and pure aloe vera gel to pamper my skin. It makes a great natural moisturizer for both body and face and effectively removes makeup.

Jojoba oil, the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant, has been used in folk medicine for a number of ailments. Native Americans use jojoba oil for treating sores and bruises and today it is used for many purposes including to promote skin and hair health.

When shopping for jojoba oil, stick with the organic brands to ensure that you are getting 100 percent jojoba oil without any irritating or toxic additives!