Initial Nutrition Assessment & Consultation (75 min)

This is where your journey with Belly Blissful begins! Prior to your first meeting you’ll complete our online assessment so that your session is as valuable to you as possible. When you meet with your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist you’ll delve more deeply into your personal goals, medical history, past experiences with nutrition and exercise, current habits, stress level, motivators, challenges and more. By the end of this initial session you’ll have clear-cut strategies which include food recommendations, action plans for habit change, and other tools to start moving toward achieving your goal(s.) This appointment is also offered by phone or video conference. Location is no issue!


Check-Ins (30 min)

These follow-up appointments are designed to monitor your progress, answer your questions, adjust your plan as necessary, and keep you on the right track toward achieving your unique goals! Check-Ins are conducted by phone or video chat depending on your preference.


Pocket Nutritionist: Healthie Concierge

Whether you’re an existing Belly Blissful client looking for additional support in between sessions or are just seeking access to a nutrition expert for accountability, this service is perfect for you! For a flat monthly fee, you’ll have access to your own food and exercise log with daily feedback, recommendations, and inspiration from an expert health and nutrition coach. You’ll also be able to directly message an RDN with questions and receive a prompt reply.


Healthy Kitchen Makeover (120 min)

Are you ready for a fresh, healthy start but feel bogged down by all of the food clutter in your pantries and refrigerator? The Healthy Kitchen Makeover is a great way to start your journey toward healthier eating habits!

This appointment starts in your home, where your dietitian helps sort through your pantries and refrigerator to purge any items that aren’t conducive to helping you meet your goals. Next, she accompanies you to a grocery store of your choosing and assists you in purchasing healthy foods, ingredients, and beverages to re-stock your kitchen. While at the store you will also receive handy tips and tricks for healthier grocery shopping.


Healthy Grocery Shopping Trip (75 min)

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the options at your grocery store? Are you stuck in a shopping rut– buying the same exact same food items each week? Do you want to know if you’re buying the healthiest options for you and your family? If you answered yes, sign up for a healthy grocery trip!

Your Belly Blissful dietitian will meet you at a grocery store of your choosing and assist you in purchasing healthy foods, ingredients, and beverages. While at the store you will also receive handy tips and tricks for healthier grocery shopping. These trips are designed to provide you with the right strategies and crucial knowledge to food shop in a brand new healthier way!


Customized Healthy Dining List

Do you find it challenging to make the right decisions when you go out to eat or order lunch at the office? If you answered ‘yes’ all you have to do is provide a zip code or address and Belly Blissful will take care of the rest! We’ll create a list of local restaurants and the corresponding healthiest menu options at each one to take the guess work out of where to eat and what to order near work, home, or when you’re traveling.