I want to Inspire People. I want someone to look at Me and Say, Because of you I didn’t Give Up!



The digestive problems I have dealt with for 10 years have finally subsided! -D.S.

“I had been dealing with stomach problems for about 10 years. I had gone to a long list of different type of doctors that did not help me whatsoever. I was finally pushed to research Registered Dietitians and I found Cori Cohen.. she is a miracle worker!!! What I have dealt with for 10 years has finally subsided due to her! We got rid of my problems within 2 months and I have never felt better!!! I cannot thank Cori enough,  she has changed my life!”

-D.S. La Jolla, CA

I look at food in a whole new way -M.G.

“I want to thank a person who has been instrumental in my weight loss battle. It’s been 6 months since I first met Cori Cohen at Lifetime Athletic club and she truly changed the way I look at food. With her education and coaching I have become a better shopper. I used to rely on processed foods and fast food restaurants. I can not tell you the last time I have eaten at McDonalds or Burger King since I began working with Cori. She was a key influence in helping me lose 30 pounds in 5 months. The education that I gained from Cori is invaluable. I have a great sense of food intake now and continue to keep a daily food log which has helped tremendously. Cori Cohen’s teachings have stayed with me since she moved to sunny California. I miss her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

-M.G. White Plains, NY

My IBS symptoms are gone! -D.B.

“When I first started working with Cori, I had a slew of IBS and colitis symptoms. None of my doctors believed in a link between diet and my colitis, but after almost 10 years of on-and-off symptoms, and a really bad recent flare-up, I was ready to try healing through nutrition. So I read what I could and experimented with my diet on my own, but got overwhelmed by the huge amount of information. That’s when I reached out to Cori. She has helped me in so many areas – beyond what I even realized I needed help with. My IBS symptoms are gone, and we’re constantly adjusting my diet to address my Colitis systems. It’s frustrating and challenging, and there’s no way I would have stuck with all the dietary changes without Cori’s support. I also don’t late-night binge anymore, now that I understand why I was so hungry at night in the first place. This was an issue I didn’t even realize I had until I started journaling and reviewing my meals with Cori. More than anything, Cori is helping me to change my relationship with food. After years of seeing food as the enemy – the cause of pain, embarrassment, confusion, frustration, and fear – I am finally beginning to appreciate it again. And Cori reminds me that this will be a long process, and that mess-ups happen, and that if I can trust in her and the process, I’ll continue to improve (and avoid steroids and potential surgery). I am so grateful for her help.”

-D.B.  Long Island, NY

We came up with a nutrition plan that would fit my busy lifestyle -L.D.

“I am a mother of three young children. After my third pregnancy and an ankle injury, I gained a lot of weight. I had gotten back to exercising regularly, but needed help with my nutrition and staying on track. I was referred to Cori and began to work with her on a regular basis. We developed a great relationship and she helped me come up with a nutrition plan that would fit my busy lifestyle. Cori was a great help to me, not only with her nutritional advice, but with emotional support during a challenging process. I slowly started to see results and in a year I lost 42 pounds! I couldn’t have done it without Cori’s help!”

-L.D. Harrison, NY

I saw a positive change in my body within the first week -D.G.

Cori is an excellent dietitian nutritionist. She is very supportive and knowledgeable and makes losing weight so much easier. Within the first week of working with Cori and following the custom plan she created for me I saw a positive change in my body. I also had more energy and was sleeping better which were perks I did not expect! I didn’t realize how much my diet affected the way I functioned day to day.  I highly recommend Cori to anyone who wants to lose weight or just feel better.

-D.G Brooklyn, NY